Business Profile

NEUERO follows the MADE IN GERMANY tradition with 100 years of activity in supplying reliable and high quality equipment for crucial projects in industrial plants around the world.

NEUERO is a specialist in pneumatic and mechanical bulk material handling and is manufacturing Continuous Ship Unloaders (CSU), the most environmentally accepted solution in ship discharging activity and Ship loaders

Global client oriented, flexible and cost effective. NEUERO utilizes the state of the art technology and reliability to assure the success of all realized projects.

NEUERO has its own 6.550 m2 manufacturing facility plus a new logistical area which was added beginning of 2013 in Melle, Germany. Equipped with our own machining shop, painting shop and Lab we are in the position to provide continuous engineering solutions to our customers.

Worldwide presence is assured with the operation of NEUERO Corporation in Chicago/USA and our partnership with Brazilian companies for grain and mineral handling ( and

Using expert know how for upgrades, retrofits or complete new installations, our goal is always the same – solving the tasks effectively on budget and on time.

The result is quality solution engineering that respects and protects the environmental, health and safety (HSE) requirements of your company and your communities.

Neuero is an ISO 9001 certified company and received the OHSAS 18001 certification in 2013.

Neuero is working together with well-known German sub-suppliers like SEW, Atlas Copco, Danfoss, Rothe Erde and others.



firmengebaeudeIn 1914, NEUERO was founded as a manufacturer of agricultural machines and started with the production of machinery mainly used on farms.

After World War II, the production range was expanded to mobile pneumatic conveyors which are still used in ports worldwide. In addition an important product line of radial turbo fans, specially designed for pneumatic conveying of bulk material, was developed. An additional production plant for normal radial fans was built in Italy and operated under the brand name of Comefri.

In 1970, the production range of NEUERO expanded into defence infrastructure products.

In 1976, NEUERO Corporation was founded in West Chicago / USA.

In 1988, the NEUERO Group was divided into three independent companies and since then NEUERO Industrietechnik is manufacturing mainly port equipment like ship unloaders and loaders.

Technologies and services

The company NEUERO has specialized itself in the pneumatic and mechanical unloading of vessels with unloading capacities from 20 to 1.200 t/h and mechanical ship loaders for different commodities with capacities up to 3.000 t/h.

Our latest development includes the direct drives for our turbo fans. Furthermore, we are continually working to reduce the power consumption of our pneumatic conveying systems with the support of our frequency converter technology, by increasing the efficiency of pneumatic conveying systems and the optimization of the material flow in the conveying line.

Besides our projects within the FOOD divisions, Neuero is also active in the NON FOOD i.e. pneumatic unloaders for alumina and pet coke and ship loaders for minerals & fertilizers.

Our portfolio includes:

Mobile pneumatic suction pressure machines with capacities from 20 t/h to 200 t/h, especially suitable for flexible ship unloading operations.

Single-line pneumatic ship unloader, either stationary, travelling on rails or on rubber tires, for capacities up to 800 t/h, suitable for vessels up to Post-Panamax.

Multiport AL:
Specially designed pneumatic unloader for unloading alumina and petrol coke for capacities up to 500 t/h and 800 t/h for tower solutions.

Combined pneumatic ship unloader and mechanical loader, designed especially for oil and feed mills.

Two-line ship unloader, if required with mechanical loading system, weighing system and bobcat hoist, unloading capacities up to 1.200 t/h for agricultural products as well as for alumina and petrol coke.

Specially designed pneumatic unloader with feeding device for agricultural non free flowing products like soy bean meal, fish meal or pellets.

Stationary or travelling ship loading equipment, capacities up to 3.000 t/h