Unloader for Alumina & Pet Coke

  • Stationary or on rails
  • Loading & Unloading capacity: up to 1500 t / h based on wheat with 0.75 t / m³ or up to 1.000 t / h based on alumina with 1,00 t / m³
  • Pay loader winch up to 15 ton
  • Power source via external power supply or diesel generators
  • Unloading of ship sizes up to Capsize
  • Pneumatic conveying and loading onto on-site belt conveyors, trucks or rail cars
  • Low energy consumption
  • Simple operation with automatic mode
  • Low dust and noise emissions
  • Consideration of the ATEX regulations
  • Easy access with low maintenance


NEUERO Tower are especially used in the aluminum industry or in bigger grain terminals. They are travelling on rails and equipped with 2 separate pneumatic conveying lines each covering for 50% of the total capacity. The design of the tower allows the integration of various conveying elements such as hopper scales and additional ship, truck or rail car loading equipment.

The previous photo shows two tower unloaders at Bogasari Flour Mill in Jakarta. These unloaders have a capacity of 1000 t / h and additionally equipped with a loading boom. Integrated is also an auxiliary crane on each boom for lifting a “Payloader” into the vessel without interrupting the unloading or loading process.


This picture is showing further details of a NEUERO Tower with a capacity of 800 t / h related to Aluminiumoxid in Sohar / Oman. It is equipped with two booms each with a 15 t auxiliary crane for loading excavators into the hold for cleaning the hatches.

Spezielle Einrichtungen

15 t pay loader winch on each boom

With a separate winch on each boom a small front-end loader (Bobcat) or larger chain excavators with up to 15.0 tons in weight can be lifted into the ship’s hold, to support the cleaning of the hatches. The winch works with 2 speeds and is secured via load measuring axles. Since such a winch is mounted on each boom, the unloading operation does not have to be completely interrupted.


Suction nozzle

The NEUERO suction nozzle is characterized by an automatic electrical air bypass control which allows to adapt the discharge power perfectly to the geometric conditions, the conveying product and the environmental conditions.
In addition, an automatic nozzle dipping device can be delivered. This controls the depth of immersion of the nozzle in response to the vacuum, thus ensuring a continuous operation with high average capacity.

Examples of use

TOWER on rails

Unloading of alumina from Panamax vessels
Unloading of pet coke from Handymax vessels