Flexiport for Biomass

  • For unloading of non-free flowing bulk material like wood pellets, ONF, palm pit, etc.
  • Stationary, mobile on rubber wheels or on rails
  • Special feeder for loosening the compacted bulk material
  • discharge capacity: up to 600 m³ / h based on wood pellets with 0.65 t / m³
  • Power source via external power supply or diesel generators
  • Unloading of ship sizes from Europe II to Panamax
  • Loading onto on-site belt conveyors, trucks or rail cars
  • Low energy consumption
  • Simple operation with automatic mode
  • Low dust and noise emissions
  • Consideration of the ATEX regulations
  • Easy access with low maintenance


The unloading operation is carried out with a pneumatic suction conveying system with a vertical and horizontal conveying pipe incorporated in a slew-able and lift-able boom. This allows the unloading of non-free flowing materials. The unloading suction line is equipped with a mechanical reclaim system at the inlet, feeding the material to the suction nozzle. This mechanical reclaim system consists of a electrical rotating feeder, which loosens the material and feeds it to the suction nozzle. 

The Flexiport can be used in particular for the discharge of bulk materials like soy meal, corn gluten, fish meal, feed pellets, wood pellets, etc.
Unloading of all kinds of inland or ocean-going vessels with discharge directly onto conveyors, trucks or rail cars. This happens almost dust-free through the use of closed conveying systems and aspiration systems. 

Flexiport unloaders have discharge capacities of up to 600 t / h based on wheat. By Kick-movements of the rigid vertical boom it can reach any place inside the hatch and even below ship covers.

The ATEX directives are supported and explosion protected equipment will be used. 

The use of the latest blower technology with additional equipment for sound absorption will be supplied taking into account also local regulations.



Feeding device for loosening and feeding the material to the suction nozzle, with:
  • Upper slewing device with axial bearing with outer teething and slewing gear drive with hydraulic motor, slewing range approx. 300°
  • Kick-in/kick-out device with cylindrical joint and hydraulic kick cylinder up to 60°.
  • Lower suction portion with axial bearing and outer rotating pipe system incl. outer paddles, slewing gear with 2 x 11 kW electrical slewing drive and bypass valve for the suction line.
  • With adjustable speed control of the feeder for better material flow control.
  • Including a special clean up nozzle for the feeder.