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Multiport M600 for truck loading

Al Watania on of the biggest provider of chicken feed in Saudi Arabia has ordered a Multiport M600 from NEUERO and has improved its animal feed import capacities strongly. The self-propelled pneumatic ship unloader is equipped with its own power source and is able to load trucks via its 3 loading bellows. The capacity based on wheat is 600 t/h. The unloader is also equipped with a 15 ton pay-loader winch, cabin with SCADA system and a full steerable bogie system.


Multiport M600 with loading pipe for transshipment

In the Philippines NEUERO commissioned a Multiport M600 on rails for unloading of wheat, corn and soy bean meal and loading of barges simultaneously. Therefore the Multiport has a separate loading pipe attached to the travelling gantry. However it is also possible to unload to one of the two belt conveyors for feeding existing silos.

Marine Harvest Flexiport F500

Flexiport Ship Unloader for fish meal

In May 2014, the latest Flexiport F500 was commissioned and is ready now to discharge mainly non-free flowing bulk materials such as fish meal, soy bean meal, corn gluten, pellets, etc. The unloader has a discharge capacity of 500 m³ / h based on fish meal. Our client “Marine Harvest” has built a new plant for the production of fish feed near Trondheim and is producing up to 300,000 tons of fish pellets per year for its own fish farming.


Ship Loader for fish feed pellets

In addition to the already mentioned Flexiport F500, Neuero installed and commissioned in June 2014 a stationary ship loader to load fish feed pellets. The ship loader has a 14.0 m boom, a capacity of 300 t / h and loads special vessels with a telescopic loading bellow.