• Bulk Material Handling

    The photo shows two Multiport M600 for unloading of bulk materials such as wheat, barley, corn, etc. The equipment was commissioned in 2012 and they have a discharge capacity of 600 t/h. The machines are travelling on rails with a travelling length of 700 m along the jetty and send the bulk material by means of two loading bellows onto trucks. The boom has a length of 30 m and has an auxiliary winch of 12 tons for excavators to lift into the ship's hold.

  • Ship Loader

    This ship loader for Handy size vessels has a loading capacity of 600 t / h based on the mineral "Borax". "Borax" also known under the name of Sodium Borate, which is a raw material, is manly used in the chemical industry. The mobile ship loader on rails is equipped with a telescopic loading chute and several aspiration systems. It was delivered in 2011 to a customer in Turkey.

  • Mobile Conveyors

    Here you see a mobile conveyor type GSD 280 with diesel engines during the discharge of sea going ships with simultaneous loading of trucks via loading hopper. The mobile suction unit operates in Suction-/Pressure mode with a capacity of up to 180 t / h The loading hopper has a filter system on board as well as a telescopic loading bellow. Thus, the entire handling of various bulk materials takes place almost dust-free.

  • Customized Solutions

    For non-free flowing bulk materials such as fish meal, pellets, soy bean meal, etc. Neuero developed a special feeder for its pneumatic ship unloaders type Flexiport which is breaking the bulk material and is feeding the suction nozzle at the same time. The electric drive is controlled by inverters, thus preventing overloading and allows adjustments at different operating conditions for different bulk materials.

Solution Engineering in Bulk Handling

Neuero Industrietechnik für Förderanlagen GmbH with its headquarter in Melle – Germany, operates globally and offers turnkey solutions in the field of „bulk solids handling “.
Neuero follows the “MADE IN GERMANY” tradition and provides high quality, environmentally friendly and durable loading and unloading equipment for industrial plants, silo terminals, power plants, aluminum smelters, malting plants, feed mills, etc.

  • Multiport – Pneumatic ship unloader (mobile or stationary) up to 1,200 t/h
  • Ship loader (mobile or stationary) up to 3,000 t/h
  • Combiport – (combined loading and unloading)
  • Flexiport – ship unloader for non-free flowing products
  • Mobile pneumatic suction units
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