Sustainable and Safe

Dust-free loading head – Ship Loader

NEUERO’s ship loaders and -unloaders are particularly useful in reducing dust. While conventional systems generate large amounts of dust, NEUERO developed the DLH “Dustless Loading Head” and the pneumatic unloading system that prevents dust when unloading.

Besides, the high-quality design of NEUERO’s ship loaders and -unloaders guarantees the machines’ long service life.

  • Dust-free Loading Head
  • Clean Environment
  • Longevity of machines


Your safety is essential to us in our facilities. That’s why we always make sure to meet the highest security requirements.

By avoiding steel-to-steel friction, pneumatic ship unloaders reduce spark formations, significantly minimizing the risk of explosions during discharge.

NEUERO continues to develop its systems to enable, among other things, the simple replacement of parts and the repair of components.

  • highest security requirements
  • No sparking
  • safe exchange of items