Clean and Quiet

Dust Reduction

A significant advantage of pneumatic ship unloading is the closed flow of product from receipt in the ship to discharge to downstream conveyors, ensuring that adjacent equipment and components are not polluted or contaminated. At the same time, deposits in this closed conveyor strand are hardly possible. 

The fact that all areas with maintenance intervals are accessible via stages, the system’s maintenance is possible without any problems and ensures high availability.

For example, the ability to lower the boom to the ground offers an advantage in the maintenance and eventual replacement of individual parts, e.g., wear plates in the conveyor tube, winches, pulleys, etc. NEUERO’s machines avoid this way work at high altitudes, which is sometimes not safe.

  • dust free ship unloading with closed flow of products
  • High availability due to easy maintenance
  • Laying the boom on the ground

Low Noise Emission

Another advantage of NEUERO’s systems is the low noise emission. Judging by other ship unloaders, NEUERO’s pneumatic unloaders meet the highest standards. As a result, many clients choose NEUERO ship loader and unloader when operating close to residential areas.

In addition to the soundproofed machinery house and corresponding soundproofing on the blower, we can adjust more silencing measures on other components.

  • Low noise emission
  • A-rated sound pressure level SPL <85 dB at 1 m from the discharge opening
  • Operation near residential areas