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less dust

less noise

more efficiency


clean & quiet

We have developed a special dust-free loading head and build only noise-reduced insulated machinery houses.

sustainable & safe

We pay attention to a lightweight and resource-conserving design for the safe handling of the machines.

efficient & reliable

We have been providing continuous unloading performance with durable and reliable machines for over 100 years.

Pneumatic Ship Unloading Systems

Many times we hear the discussion: Is the pneumatic or mechanical system better for unloading ships? It seams like a question of belief. We and our customers have been convinced of pneumatics for shipunloading for many years and want to show you their advantages here.

Higher efficiency
PSU * 80%
PSU * 80%
more security
PSU * 90%
noise reduction
PSU * 70%
faster cleaning
PSU * 90%
lower costs
PSU * 50%
* PSU = Pneumatic Ship Unloader vs. Mechanical Ship Unloader

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