NEUERO Pneumatics

Pneumatic ship unloading of bulk goods

NEUERO’s pneumatic unloaders use the flowing characteristics of bulk goods to feed the ship unloader.

A key benefit is that NEUERO’s pneumatic ship unloaders can directly pick up the material from the bottom of the hatch, like a vacuum cleaner.

This fact alone results in efficient unloading performance in pneumatic discharges.

The discharge capacity of NEUERO’s pneumatic machines is 75-80% of the bulk material.

  • Low weight

    The pneumatic conveying of NEUERO requires relatively little steel to carry the material and thus less weight. As a result, fewer tires can be used, resulting in leaner foundations and thus lower costs at the quayside.

  • Low cost

    The slim design results in low acquisition costs.

  • Easy handling

    With NEUERO’s pneumatic unloaders, the residual cleaning in the hull of the ship becomes easy.
    Easy replacement of spare parts is possible.
    NEUERO’s pneumatic unloaders can be flexibly used for different ship sizes.
    Thanks to NEUERO’s pneumatic unloaders, nearly dust-free work is possible with hardly any grain fracture.

  • High efficiency

    Due to the efficient residual cleaning and continuous unloading, NEUERO’s pneumatic conveyors have a high unloading power.


In summary, the advantages of NEUERO’s pneumatic unloading systems include the following points: Low investment costs, high efficiency, low-noise-emission, nearly dust-free unloading and consistently very good unloading capacity!

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