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NEUERO offers the highest loading and unloading capacity

Our shiploaders (mobile and stationary) have an unloading capacity of up to 3,000 t / h.

We are your specialist for pneumatic ship unloading

less dust – less noise – more efficiency

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NEUERO is the world’s specialist for pneumatic ship unloading and mechanical ship loading. NEUERO follows the “Made in Germany” tradition with more than 100 years of activity in the production of reliable and individualized conveyor systems.

Ship Unloader

Suitable for unloading many types of bulk goods, especially from the food sector, as well as for products from the power plant and aluminum industry.

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Can be used to load all kinds of dry bulk materials, especially from the food sector, but also for products from the fertilizer and power plant industries.

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Mobile Conveyor

NEUERO’s mobile pneumatic conveyor systems (type GSD) are designed to load and unload grain at an output of between 10-150 t/h.

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Special Solutions

Can be used to unload and load many types of bulk goods, particularly from the

  • food sector as well as
  • products from the power plant and
  • aluminum industry suitable.

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  • Unloading capacity of up to 600 t/h, related to grain
  • Very large cover of the ship’s hold due to additional extending and kick-in-kick-out movement of the vertical boom
  • If the material is non free flowing, the vertical tube can be equipped with rotating feeder to loosen up the product
  • If necessary with explosion protection concept in accordance with ATEX guidelines

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  • Unloading services of up to 1,600 t/h, based on grain
  • movable on rails
  • Optional with a loading boom
  • Integrated auxiliary winch per boom
  • 2 separate suction lines (50% each)
  • Integration of various conveyor elements, such as container scales, magnetic separators, etc.

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NEUERO offers special solutions for special bulk good materials. These include, for example:

Flexiport for heavy flowing products and tower for alumina and petroleum coke.

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continuous unloading capacity,even during residual cleaning

Almost dust-free loading through our special loading head and reduced noise with our insulated machine houses

Due to our lightweight design, our machines are very safe to handle


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NEUERO receives the Innovation Award 2019 from the MIT City Association Melle.

NEWS “Best Ship loading/Unloading System”, IBJ Awards 2019

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