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less dust

less noise

more efficiency

NEUERO stands behind you

Flat hierarchies and high individual responsibility. Everyone plays a crucial role here. Whether an intern or a professional – We are looking for you as a doer and team player.

Forward-looking since 1914

NEUERO stands for mechanical engineering, innovation and maximum customer value. Our shiploaders and unloaders set standards worldwide. We invest in innovation and research. Shape the future of ship loading and unloading worldwide with us.

Together for our customers

A trusting corporate culture and a very good working atmosphere are the basis for our success. As a company, we have been living these values for over 100 years.

We want to move up

NEUERO's goal is to offer the best shiploaders and -unloaders in the world to make it easier for our customers to work on ports and to ensure the supply of goods worldwide.

"Mir gefällt die offene Bürostruktur bei NEUERO. Nichts passiert hinter verschlossenen Türen."

Martina Wente
Logistics and Shipping

"I really like NEUERO's family atmosphere and identification with the company."

Jens Pinkert

"Erst die Herausforderungen hier in der Firma haben mich viele neue Fähigkeiten erlernen lassen."

Shauki Bagdadi

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