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Mobile Conveyor

Mobile Pneumatic Conveyors

NEUERO Mobile Pneumatic conveyors, type GSD, are designed for suction / pressure conveying of grain.

GSD (mobile unloading systems) are used when the available area in the port needs to be shared with other port activities or the ship’s dock changes occasionally.

Unloading ships and loading them directly onto trucks or in railway carriages is possible, but also from the ship directly into silos or flat storage.

  • Up to capacity 180 t/h of grain
  • Mobile on rubber wheels
  • Situated on the quay or on the ship’s deck
  • High pressure radial fan with 2 stages, with 4 mechanically operated supports at the corners
  • Hydraulic telescope boom TA8/TA16.5 with swivel range of 310 °,boom length 8.0 – 16.5 m, telescope range max. 2.20 – 6.00 m, boom angle up to 45 °

Engine types for the 250/280 series

  • Diesel engine, Caterpillar, Type C9, 6 cylinders, row engine, 4-stroke, with HEUI injection and 205 kW at 1900 U/min
    Or with:
  • electric motor of 200 kW with special start-up


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