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Ship Unloader

Ship Unloader

NEUERO designs pneumatic ship unloaders according to customer wishes. Can be used to unload many types of bulk goods, particularly from the

  • food sector
  • as well as for products from the power plant
  • and aluminium industry

Each system is unique and is tailored to the customer’s requirements and local conditions. NEUERO distinguishes between three types:

  • Unloading capacity up to 800 t/h, based on wheat
  • Supply via low or medium voltage
  • Use of diesel generators possible
  • Stationary, rail or rubber-tired landing gear
  • Large coverage of the ship’s hatch by horizontal and vertical telescopic tube
  • Auxiliary winch for residual cleaning on the boom for an excavator or front loader
  • If necessary with explosion protection concept in accordance with ATEX guidelines
  • Unloading capacity of up to 600 t/h, based on wheat
  • Very large cover of the ship’s hatch due to additional extending and kick-in-kick-out movement of the vertical boom
  • If the material is non free flowing, the vertical tube can be equipped with rotating feederto loosen up the product
  • If necessary with explosion protection concept in accordance with ATEX guidelines
  • Unloading services of up to 1,600 t/h, based on wheat
  • movable on rails
  • Optional with a loading boom
  • Integrated auxiliary winch per boom
  • 2 separate suction lines (50% each)
  • Integration of various conveyor elements, such as container scales, magnetic separators, etc.
Multiport Suction Nozzle

Special Features

The NEUERO suction nozzle is characterized by an automatic electric side air control system, which allows the unloading power to be perfectly adjusted to the conveyed product and operating conditions.
In addition, an automatic nozzle lowering can be used. This controls the immersion depth of the nozzle depending on the vacuum and thus ensures continuous suction operation with high average power.

The possibility to lower boom to the ground offers a special advantage in the maintenance and possible replacement of individual parts, e.g. wear plates in the conveying elbow, rope winches, rope rolls, etc. This avoids any sometimes harmful work at high. Lower boom to ground also reduces wind loads during typhoon.

With the auxiliary winch on the boom, a small front loader (e.g. bobcat) or larger track excavators weighing up to 15.0 tons can be lifted into the ship’s hatch to support the residual cleaning. The winches operate at 2 speeds and are protected by load cells.

The kick movement of the vertical boom allows you to reach almost any place within a ship hatch as well as the area under the ship covers.

  • Upper swivel device with swivel bearing and external toothing as well as slewing gear drive, swivel range approx. 300 °
  • Kick-in/kick-out using cylindrical joint and hydraulic cylinders with up to 60 ° deflection
  • Lower intake area with axial bearings and cutter, rotary bearings with electric swivel drive and bypass for suction wiring.
  • With speed control of the cutter for better material flow control.
  • Includes a special nozzle for residual cleaning.

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