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Special Bulk Goods

Special Bulk Goods

NEUERO offers special solutions for special bulk good materials. These include, for example:

Can be used in particular for the unloading of bulk materials from the food sector (soy flour, gluten, fishmeal, feed pellets, etc.) as well as for products from the power plant sector such as biomass.

Unloading capacity up to 600 t/h related to wheat at 0.75 t/m3

  • Special milling head to loosen up the product
  • Power supply via external feed-in or diesel generators
  • Discharge of ship sizes Bargen to Panamax with conveyors for loading on-site conveyors, trucks or railway wagons
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy operation by extensive automatic operation
  • Low dust and noise emissions
  • Taking into account ATEX guidelines
  • Good accessibility with low maintenance

NEUERO Tower is used primarily in the aluminium industry or in large grain terminals.

  • Unloading capacity up to 1,500 t/h based on wheat at 0.75 t/m3 or up to 1,000 t/h based on alumina at 1.00 t/m3
  • stationary or on rails
  • auxiliary winch for up to 15 t
  • Power supply via external feed-in
  • Unloading of ship size up to Cape Size
  • With conveyor facilities to support building conveyors, trucks or railway cars
  • Easy operation by extensive automatic operation
  • Low dust and noise emissions
  • Taking into account ATEX guidelines
  • Good accessibility of all facilities
Flexiport for heavy flowing products
Flexiport for biomass
Tower for alumina and petroleum coke

Special Features

With the auxiliary winch on the boom, a small front loader (e.g. bobcat) or larger chain excavators weighing up to 15.0 tons can be lifted into the ship’s hatch to support the residual cleaning. The winches operate at 2 speeds and are secured by load measuring axles.

The NEUERO suction nozzle is characterized by an automatic electric air control system, which allows the unloading power to be perfectly adapted to the geometric conditions, the conveyor product and the environmental conditions.

In addition, an automatic nozzle lowering can be delivered. This controls the immersion depth of the nozzle depending on the vacuum and thus ensures a continuous suction plant with high average performance.

  • Top heavy device with rotary bearing and exterior gearing as well as rotary mill drive, swivel range about 300 °
  • Kick-in/kick-out using cylindrical joint and hydraulic cylinders with up to 60 ° deflection
  • lower suction area with thrust bearing and milling machine, swivel bearing with electric swivel drive and bypass for the suction line
  • With rotary shear control of the milling machine for better material flow control
  • Including a special nozzle for residual cleaning

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